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As Emi Nishida

Works for Film

2022                 "Guy Friends" Feature film by Jonathan Smith

2022                 "Pillow Stalk" Short film by Jorge Lucas

2022                 "Canna Tokyo" Feature film by Sounosuke Kita

2021                 "Fear and Salvation" Short film by Joshua Nelson                 

2021                 "Faces of Dead Women" Award-winning short film by Joshua Nelson

2019                 "Bakemono" Award-winning short film by Sumire Takamatsu and Jorge Lucas

2019                 "Missed Connections" Short film by Kamila Hampl

2018                 "Code-Switching" Documentary film by Interlock Media, Co-composer

2018                 "The Man Who Laughs" Feature silent film by Paul Leni (1928) (as Berklee Silent Film Orchestra)

2018                 "When She Left" Short Film by Juan Pablo Viades

Works for Non-Film

2021                 "Heroes" Original grand finale song for Batman Ninja The Show (as Streepz)

2021                 "After You Left" Instrumental music for a Japanese Boy Group SixTONES Concert ‘on eST’

2021                 "Han-gover Square" for Concert orchestra

2020                 "At The Night, We Saw A Shadow" for Wind ensemble

2019                 "Karakorum 7" for Concert orchestra

2017                 "Ganymede, the Cupbearer" for 1 piano 4 hands

2010                 "Into the Wild" for 2 piano 4 hands

Album Recordings

2019                 "The Road Ahead" -  Iming Lin Jazz Quartet; Performance as a guest pianist

2018                 "Sonder" - Ajda Stina Turek Jazz Band; 888494 Records DK; Performance as a guest pianist

Other Works

2018                 "The Man Who Laughs (1928/2018)" Conductor, Copyist, and Second Percussionist

                                    Live Orchestra Performance at San Francisco Silent Film Festival at Castro Theatre in SF

2018~               "Dr. Stone" Japanese TV animation, Copyist and Arranger for composer YUKI KANESAKA

2018                 "Scrooge" Music track preparation for the musical theater performance at Walter Anderson Theatre

2016                 "Viola Sonata with Orchestra" Score editor for orchestral work by Rebecca Clarke and Ruth Lomon

As Kakinishi

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