Emi Nishida is a Japanese composer and a pianist. She started her musical training at the age of five. She joined the Yamaha Music Program in Japan and studied piano performance and composition. Her original works were selected to perform at the annual Junior Original Concert held by Yamaha in Fukuoka, Chiba, and Tokyo (1998-2006).  She started to compose pieces for piano at first but then broadened her field to small ensembles and more contemporary pieces. When she was age 11, she composed a song “Precious Friends” for her previous elementary school. This song is still sung by the students every year. She also learned to play percussion instruments. Her work “Rhapsody”(2010), for xylophone, marimba and flute, was performed at Tokyo High School Ensemble Contest and won a silver award. Her composition for 4 hands piano “Into the Wild” was performed at International Piano Duo Competition and received the Special Chairman Award.

Through her love for films and music, she studied Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music. She strives to apply her unique compositional style in order to expand conventional film music. She won Alf Clausen Award from Berklee Film Scoring Department in 2017.  She was selected as a member of the Berklee Silent Film Orchestra in 2018. "The Man Who Laughs" by Universal Studio Pictures was rescored by the orchestra, and she worked as a composer. It was premiered with live orchestra at Castro Theatre in San Francisco and several movie theatres in New England, and she conducted.

Currently she is working for short film projects as a composer, performing as a keyboardist for several musical theater shows, and participating various styles of album recordings.

西田衣见 - 是一名来自日本神奈川县的音乐家。从小开始对电影和音乐感到兴趣,下定决心朝向电影配乐家/作曲家为目标。於2014年前往美国,就读波士顿伯克利音乐学院,专攻电影配乐系。在学期间,她不仅在系上获得了Alf Clausen奖之外,并为环球影城(Universal Studios)的作品,以著名作家雨果的小说为题材的 “ 笑面人”(1928)作曲。除此之外,西田也有在旧金山卡斯特罗剧院(Castro Theatre)的首映式中担任指挥和现场演奏的经验。从伯克利音乐学院毕业後,目前担任影像作品配乐,音乐剧声源製作,以及交响乐团的键盘手等等。也在亚洲以及欧洲为中心的各种音乐家的专辑製作中担任专属钢琴家。

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